Today Bronte is an important agricultural village, known for the production of pistacchio and the Pistacchio's festival, that takes place, every year, in the first part of October. A legend tells that the village is built by the Ciclop of Bronte, son of Neptune. Sure, Bronte grew in 1520, when the inhabitans of many near farmhouses moved there, for the order of the king Carlo V. In the city center is situated the Shrine of the Annunciation, built in 1535, where the renaissence portal of yellow sandstone stands out.

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Into the church you can see the marble group of the Annunciation, confered to the sculptor Antonello Gagini. A popular legend tells that the Madonna saved the village from the flow. Also there are a lot of historical and cultural monuments, in particular the Castel of Nelson and the Real college Capizzi, today the location of the bourbon library, included the Archive of the national history. An artistic heritage increased by the literary works of the famous man Spedalieri and many atlases, which houses the prestigious Gallery of Sicily , showing an invaluable collection of the master Nunzio Sciavarrello.

Post code: 95034
Coordinates: 37°48′N 14°50′E
Elevation: 760 m
Area: 250.86 km²
Population: 19,172 (31-12-2014)
Density: 76.43 inh./km²
Patron saint: St. Blaise
Saint day: 3 February