The excursions to the summit craters of our “gentle giant” are perhaps the most ambitious destinations of Etna excursion enthusiasts. The beauty of this spectacular painting by the force of nature leaves fortunate hikers breathless and with memories that will remain with them forever. You get the feeling of touching the meeting point of Etna’s moving forces, the destructive force with which local inhabitants have learned to live and the creative force that enriches us with spectacular exhibitions of nature with explosions and flowing lava…… and everything alive and pulsing that is Etna.

Departure from the “Rifugio Sapienza” qt. 1900 mt.(ETNA SOUTH), we catch up qt. 2500 with the aid of the cable car and 2900 with bus4x4 , from there we continue in trekking until the Summit  Craters  to approximately 3340 mt., carried out a long pause near the craters, we begin our reduction in direction of 2002 craters, from there we continue in direction of cablecar and go down in Rifugio Sapienza.

Recommended period: from April to November
Scheduled day: monday - wednesday - friday
Duration: 6-7 hours (depends on the rhythm of the group)
Difficulty: Medium-high
Starting point: near the cable-car of Funivia dell'Etna (ETNA SUD)
Departure time: 08:30undefinedm.
Participants: min. 8 pax
Recommended equipment: We advise a good pair of trekking shoes, an anti-wind and anti-rain jacket, an hat, telescopic sticks in order to help itself in the walk (only if you already have those), and in general dress appropriately to the various temperatures that is possible to find during the excursion.
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