The meeting point is in the car park of the G. Sapienza Lodge - South Etna (altitude 1900 m.), where, after reporting for the trek and having your booking checked, we will board the Etna Cable Car to reach an altitude of 2500 m.; once there, our trek towards the volcanic cones (2001/2002) will begin. We will skirt the face of the VALLE DEL BOVE, visit a lava flow channel then reach the Torre del Filosofo area (BARBAGALLO CRATERS) from where you can admire the recent eruptions of 2021 and a breathtaking view of the Summit Craters. 


Summit Craters from Etna Sud

monday, wednesday and friday 

Departure from the “Rifugio Sapienza” qt. 1900 mt.(ETNA SOUTH), we catch up qt. 2500 with the aid of the cable car and 2900 with bus4x4 , from there we continue in trekking until the Summit  Craters  to approximately 3340 mt., carried out a long pause near the craters, we begin our reduction in direction of 2002 craters, from there we continue in direction of cablecar and go down in Rifugio Sapienza.


2002 Craters

Starting from PIANO PROVENZANA, you will reach the craters from which the most important eruptions occurred over the last few decades on the northern slope of the volcano. You will cross the flow from these craters along a path that runs beside the lava channel, a deep canyon cut by an enormous magma mass that invaded and partially destroyed the ancient RAGABO PINE GROVE. From here you will head back to PIANO PROVENZANA.


2002 Craters + “Cave of raspberries”

Leaving from PIANO PROVENZANA we catch up craters from which has unleashed the most important eruption of the last decades on the north side of the volcano.

We pass through the casting spilled from this craters passing along the edges of the scroll channel of the magma, deep canyon marked by the huge mass ok magma which has invaded and partially destroyed the age-old pine forest “RAGABO”.

From here, we continue in the direction of the 1923 eruptive vents, and then we go towards “TIMPAROSSA” refuge.
Surpassed TIMPAROSSA refuge, at 1793 m of altitude, we find the “CAVE OF RASPBERRIES”, one of the longest scroll galleries of Etna mount.

After have visited the cave, we continue in direction of CASERMA PITARRONE, until arrive at RIFUGIO RAGABO, and then to Piano provenzana, final destination of our excursion.
The path of this excursion is varied, it allow us to see pine forest, spectacular stretches of beech trees and lava flows.


Round track with visit of "Grotta del Gelo"

Admire one of the most charming grottos on Mount Etna... Leaving Piano Provenzana we head on 4X4 to the craters of 1809 at 2400 m. From here we cross the lava formations of the "Sciara del Follone". At a height of 2000 m we arrive to "Grotta del Gelo", a once flowing lava grotto with a perennial glacier. We continue to "Passo dei Dammusi" and visit the "Grotta dei Lamponi". The excursion ends at the refuge of "Ragabo".


Summit Craters from Etna Nord

You start from "Piano Provenzana" using a 4X4 jeep until 2,900 m. You will then walk to the summit craters at circa 3,300 m. You will then begin your descent by passing the north east crater and then go in the direction of the spectacular "Valle del Leone" and the "Pizzi Deneri" volcanological observatory. From here you will continue your descent to Piano Provenzana.


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