Among the main resources in this area, alongside local craftsmanship and agriculture, tourism over the last few decades continues to gain more and more importance: other than the numerous architectural and artistic assets, the town boasts a beautiful pine grove and an invaluable destination of tourists who love the mountains.

The town of Linguaglossa counts approx. 5,500 inhabitants (ISTAT 2009) and presents numerous architectural and artistic properties. Linguaglossa is a commune of the Mount Etna Natural Park and offers with the pinewood Ragabo a peaceful and beautiful destination for tourists who love the mountains and the nature.

Linguaglossa is a commune of the Mount Etna Natural Park. Its territory extends to the north eastern zone of Mount Etna for 58 kilometres squared and the height ranges from 550 to 2,000 metres above sea level. Its shape is that of a long strip that runs downwards from the slopes of Mount Etna, with torrent channels through which water flows for just a few days a year.

The territory presents unique and particular characteristics that makes you aware and appreciate the nature around it. Valleys, woodland, volcanic deserts, central craters, a breathtaking mix of unique and unusual environments all strike visitors on their arrival and it is impossible not to notice such nature, which manages to express itself in its best form. Monumental trees, endemic species, lava and grottos are all waiting to be discovered on a walk around the territory.

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The territory of Linguaglossa also includes the extensive Ragabo forest, an oasis of peace, beauty and untouched places where nature becomes the sole protagonist.

An oasis of calm, beauty and untouched areas where nature is the sole protagonist - breathtaking landscape, unique endemic species and age-old trees make this area unique. Here, tourists tend to find themselves united with nature. The area belongs to the national forest of Linguaglossa and covers an area of no less than 2,000 hectares. It extends from circa 1,200 to 2,000 metres above sea level.

Visitors along its tracks are enticed by its beauty, charm and the great sense of majestic nature. Corsican pine, birch and oak trees are the sole protagonists of this green paradise, where everything takes on a new dimension.

Post code: 95015
Coordinates: 37°50′34″N 15°08′31″E
Elevation: 550 m
Area: 60.25 km²
Population: 5,462 (01-01-2011)
Density: 90,66 inh./km²
Patron saint: Sant'Egidio Abate
Saint day: 1 september