This plain, located on the edge of the tree vegetation and circa 2,400 metres high, forms the most significant and expressive landscape on the high mountainous area of Etna. Etna Milk Vetch (Astragulus Siculus) particularly dominates this environment, which changes appearance according to height, exposure, nature and substrate. The Etna Milk Vetch grove is represented with various shapes and in association with other typical species of this plain: Barberry (Berberis Aetnensis), Common Juniper (Junipherus Hemisfaerica) and Etna Broom (Genista Aetnensis). Other endemic species live in association with Milk Vetch Root, including Etna Violet, Chickweed (Viola Aetnensis, Cerastium Minus). Found among the sand and gravel, Soapwort (Saponaria Sicula) with elegant roses or Alpine Dock rose bushes (Rumex Aetnensis). Over the 2,400 metres, only sparse amounts of Alpine Dock and Alpine Ragwort manage to survive, resisting the cold winters and extreme summer droughts.

High mediterranean plain flora sicilia dell'Etna